David Perper

Drums & Vocals


        Originally from a small town in Michigan, David’s family moved to San Francisco when he was 12. David had begun playing drums before the move, but his interest in music was jump-started by suddenly living in a cosmopolitan urban setting. In his first few years in San Francisco, David began playing in bands that played teen club dances. The first concert he went to was The Beatles’ last gig—Candlestick Park in summer of 1966. A year later, many bands, both local and touring could be heard for free at Golden Gate Park nearly every week. “The more I saw the more I wanted to be on that stage. San Francisco in the sixties was like Disneyland for me. I went to the Fillmore and Winterland every weekend and sat on the floor in front of the stage to hear all the local bands, the British bands, Cream, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Yardbirds, and at the same time was exposed to blues greats Albert King, BB King, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and many more. The booking at these local concerts was eclectic and diverse, like Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew band paired with a blues act like Muddy Waters, and a rock group. I saw Cannonball Adderley’s band on the bill with Frank Zappa’s Mothers -- every night new input to my catalogue of styles and genres.” David was heavily influenced first by powerhouse drummers like John Bonham, and Mitch Mitchell, then by the great grooves of Harvey Mason, Steve Gadd, and Jeff Porcaro.


        David was playing in local bands doing original music when at 19, he was offered a gig with recording act Lamb, a band managed by the late Bill Graham. This led to a succession of gigs playing and recording with many acts such as Kingfish with Bob Weir, the New Riders of the Purple Sage, Jesse Colin Young, the Youngbloods, Pablo Cruise, the Mamas and the Papas, the Hoodoo Rhythm Devils, The Rowan Brothers, Peter Rowan and the Free Mexican Air Force, the Sounds of San Francisco (featuring John Cippolina, Greg Douglas, Alex Ligertwood, and David Margen), Steve Seskin, and many more.


        David and Daniel Castro Band bassist Johnny Yu go back a long time, having played and recorded many times, but had fallen out of touch for many years. He and Johnny reunited through mutual friends and Johnny suggested David get together with he and Daniel to feel things out.  Their collective chemistry, both musical and personal was obvious from the start and David joined the Band in early 2012.


        Being versatile is something David takes pride in. “I learn so much from each musical experience. I’ve backed some great singers and learned the importance of staying out of their way.” It’s this foundation that David brings to The Daniel Castro Band. “I’ve played blues in the past, but never with the intensity and detail that Daniel’s music demands. Daniel has been a great teacher with his extensive grounding in the blues. He’s been turning me on to some cool recordings and once again I find myself learning nuance and further developing my musical vocabulary. No musician develops without influences. It’s our collective musical backgrounds that we draw on that makes this band so special and fun to play with.”

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